Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

So I had a very tired, lazy 9th month of pregnancy, right? And then a hectic four weeks after adjusting to the newborn. We had given up on the Letter of the Week curriculum before that, and I was bouncing between unschooling and coloring as my main curriculum. I finally, finally felt better and up to doing things today and my oldest (Jill) was begging for school. It's not school to her unless there are worksheets involved. Weird child. Anyway, Trinity has been discovering time and asking about the days/months/year/hours/minutes/etc. and it turns out that they both know all the letters and letter sounds from Super Why during my down time. So I googled preschool/kindergarten days of the week and pulled out The Very Hungry Caterpillar [Board book].

(Ignore the background. Decided to spend my energy on the kids instead of the cleaning.)

Trinity's best Y

Crooked Headband

The first Sunday, the caterpillar was born

Making a backdrop

Caterpillar food

Potatoes or something

Sunday, Sunday , SUNDAY

Here are the links we used today and will use the rest of the week:
School Sparks - Day of the Week Slider (not pictured)
Kids Learning Station - Tracing Pages
First-School - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Tracing Pages (not pictured)
They Might be Giants, “Never Go to Work”
Kids Activities Blog - Coloring Pages (put out every day this week)

Today, we started by reading the book and then we worked with the slider and did the coloring page. Then, we did the Kids Learning Station tracing pages. We didn't do the first school ones because they line up with the Mon-Sun of eating. Today, we made a scene of the caterpillar's first Sunday with markers and construction paper. Finally, we listened to the song. Throughout this, we talked about the days of the week, nutrition and being healthy, and metamorphosis,  which I'll probably go into greater detail later this week as the girls get more interested in them.

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