Sunday, January 20, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Cherished

I am cherished. I am loved. I am wanted. By so many people, by my God, by my kids, and my family...

But sometimes, I forget.

And when I'm reminding, I wonder... do my kids feel that way? That they aren't wanted, loved, or cherished? That they're protected and cared for?

We went and looked at a house today. It smelled funny, and was dark and creaky. Trinity, the middle child, was terrified of this house. She didn't want to go upstairs, she didn't want to get in the closets, and she definitely did NOT want to look out the windows, even though she seemingly desperately wanted to go outside. The love of my life asked if she wanted to be carried. She nodded and held up her hands, holding back tiny tears because she was trying to be brave in spite of her fear. I watched them walk up the stairs, her little head in his broad shoulder and wondered if they knew they were cherished.



  1. What a good reminder to tell constantly tell those we love that they are cherished.

    (Stopping by from Five Minute Friday.)

  2. It is so true that we often forget to be sure to show our family that they are cherished! What a sweet image of him holding your little girl!