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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is what I needed today...
The baby inside me moves constantly. I'm thrilled, of course, because we're bonding and binding together, but I'm scared. This is my first boy and I'm worried he'll move constantly once he's out too. How will I get everything done? I got back my tests from the other day. Blood sugar is fine (which I expected) but my iron is low (also expected, I was just hoping it wasn't.)

My girls... my pretty girls... are supremely jealous of the baby and each other and acting out (what feels like) non-stop. Trinity has no respect for women and Jill is quickly following her lead. I feel like I'm getting no where with them (except for with the alphabet, but barely.) I signed up for a free webinar hosted by 1+1+1=1 on August 21, Is Time Out a Waste of Time? I'm hoping I can find some alternatives and fix some of our problems before the boy gets here.

Back to the baby... we're feeling a lot of pressure from every angle to name the kid and nothing feels right.

I moved to a different project at work last week. I'm in a probation period where I have to have a certain output per week or they'll find someone new. (On the upside, next week I'll be with this workplace for 4 years, which will make my resume look very nice.)

Speaking of my resume, I should also get my diploma in the mail this week or next.

I'm tired of being at one house while all my stuff is at the other house.

On top of everything else... I talk in my sleep. It's something that only happens in the third trimester for me and I totally forgot about it until last night. 

I'm done. Really. /rant

Tomorrow will be better.