Kamis, 30 April 2015

Lose Weight Is Easy

People in general are thinking the other way about weight loss and health!
Did you also?
If you are at least is no longer at the end of this article.
See, we all know we are living in obesity was, of heart problems, diabetes, etc.
Never before in human history had so many problems such as now.
Having a fit body, which has always been something natural and sort of "standard" to a few decades ago, now seems to be a suplicios almost impossible for those who are not happy with the mirror.
Now let's see how you think most people who want to lose weight and be healthier:
"I need to lose weight to be healthier"
In return, let's see how everyone should think instead:
"I need to be healthy to lose weight"
See the difference?
Let me explain...
As the American Dr. Eric Berg says:
"A healthy body can not be fat."
Most people who want to lose weight, want to do this anyway to make them healthier, but not...
This is the other way of thinking about the problem...
You are overweight just because you are not healthy and not that you are not healthy for you are overweight.
Understand the difference?
For a body slimming naturally, achieve their ideal weight and stay there, it needs to be HEALTHY!
All we can lose weight on any diet that is... everyone can "lose weight."
Now, why is it that most back to gain weight and can not keep it down?
Why the methods used to losing this weight was unhealthy. His body was not healthy with the application of them, so the cause of the problem has not been resolved!
A healthy body uses its fat stores normally and continuously to feed the cells with energy.
An obese body and "sick" can not use its fat stores to function properly, using the sugars as fuel (excess carbohydrates).
The human body evolved to use body fat for energy also continuously in a regulated way.
This is not happening in overweight people.
See, contrary to what most people might think, body fat is the body's largest endocrine organ?
That is, the fat is not only a dead reservation...
The fat cells are alive and active and constantly communicate with the brain and the rest of the body! They are involved in the work "hormone soup" from the body.
If your body is hormonally damaged, you will gain weight, will continue gaining weight and will not burn the extra fat... and of course, will get sicker, feeling worse, etc.
If you focus on staying healthy first, feeding on foods that provide you health and help resume the correct hormonal functioning of your body, guess what?
The weight will drop naturally, your body will get stronger, you will reach and maintain your ideal weight and feel alive, active and happy.
Now, as you know, the world is full of bullshit about the foods that work with this and the "fake foods" that hinder everything.
However, I'm glad you're here in Time From Weight loss, where science speaks louder than speculations.
Feel free to navigate this sea of information you have here. Everything will be clear to you!
The point is, lack of information is no more excuse for laziness!
Your health deserves your attention and you will see that nothing is more positive return in your life than focus on reinstating your health iron.
Remember: Want to lose weight? Stay healthy first, eating foods that actually promote their health.
Let the rest of the population feel that they need to lose weight to be healthy... they will soon discover that this thought is not generating any fruit.
I hope this message today has been helpful.

by Lucas Prado

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